To truly appreciate how to treat pain, it is important to understand the different types of pain that coexist, especially when it comes to chronic lower back pain. When conservative medical management cannot treat a patient’s pain symptoms, common surgical procedures such as spinal fusion and implantation of neuromodulation devices are utilized separately and at different times. However, traditional spinal fusion procedures primarily address mechanical aspects of pain and/or neural compression as a cause of pain, while neuromodulation mainly treats neuropathic pain. As a result, many patients do not experience adequate relief and often become reliant on addictive opioids in a futile attempt to reduce their remaining pain.

SynerFuse believes that individuals with chronic back pain deserve a better option. The company is creating a new future of superior pain management with a patented therapy that uniquely integrates spinal fusion hardware, an active neuromodulation system, and sensors in a novel “smart” device that offers simplicity and efficiency during implantation.

We anticipate that by combining spinal fusion and neuromodulation at the same time, patients will receive synergistic and more robust pain relief than either therapy could provide alone. We also anticipate that the incorporation of sensors will enable optimization of treatments and improve patient outcomes.