SynerFuse combines two FDA-approved technologies and synergistically fuses both in order to attack the problem of long-term post-surgery lower-back pain, with a preemptive, drug-free pain management system. It’s simple – and brilliant. SynerFuse.

SynerFuse makes traditional spine implants more successful – and cost effective – by embedding active neuromodulation therapy at the time surgeons are performing fusion back surgery. Both processes – fusion surgery and neuromodulation therapy – are understood and approved by the FDA.

Over 50% of all patients who undergo spinal fusion surgery have a need for long-term pain management therapies – and they frequently come to rely too heavily on opioids for relief. Proactive, preemptive pain management achieved through the SynerFuse process holds the promise of a more efficient and effective solution to long-term pain following back surgery – with the eventual potential for many more orthopedic pain applications.

SynerFuse is long-term pain management without the use of addictive opioids.



SynerFuse is presenting an opportunity for investment in technology that helps deliver pain management with advantages that many early-stage medical opportunities do not possess. 


SynerFuse is creating a new future in pain management with a patent-pending combination of existing FDA-approved technologies. Our unique care combination can dramatically change how pain is managed – without the use of addictive opioids.


The SynerFuse process is simple. It involves implanting sensors at the time of fusion surgery as a proactive, pre-emptive strike for the 50% of patients who undergo spinal fusion surgery and ultimately experience long-term back pain.