For Investors

SynerFuse is a seed-stage startup developing spine implants that improve outcomes in treating lower-back pain – and provide pain relief in a cost-effective manner.

We are creating value with the synergy and novelty of bringing two FDA-approved technologies – fusion and neuromodulation – together.

SynerFuse is presenting an opportunity for investment in technology that helps deliver pain management with advantages that many early-stage medical opportunities do not possess. 

The FDA has already approved the two procedures we fuse and synergize – which represent the core of our intellectual property – and this will provide visibility along the FDA PMA regulatory path.

Our enthusiastic team of medical professionals has extensive experience in pain management, surgical procedures, medical devices and technology, and the regulatory environment, as well as the marketing and sales processes required to initiate trial, use, and ultimately broad application and success.


Finally, we have an ongoing relationship with an experienced and credible manufacturing organization for the development of the SynerFuse device.

There is synergy and novelty bringing these two approved technologies – fusion and neuromodulation – together. The addition of sensors to the hardware, applied during surgery, creates the unique opportunity to deliver this pain management solution to the 50% of fusion surgery patients who require long-term surgical pain relief.

The SynerFuse patented approach takes advantage of access to what we refer to as the Pain Superhighway – the DRG – during surgery. This DRG is a target that has been explored, but accessing it is difficult. Taking advantage of the access created by the back surgeon is a simple idea that should have long-term breakthrough benefits.