For Physicians

The SynerFuse process is simple.

It involves implanting neuromodulation at the time of fusion surgery as a proactive, preemptive strike for the 40% of patients who undergo spinal fusion surgery and ultimately experience long-term back pain.

Surgeons take advantage of the Procedure + Timing + Location + Technology for a Holistic Approach. Two established, successful therapies we know work: Spinal fusion and neuromodulation on the DRG – the Pain Superhighway – are put into place with one procedure. Because the technology is implanted during fusion surgery, the leads can be perfectly placed and are less likely to move. 

SynerFuse addresses three unmet needs: We can help manage pain better, we can deliver two therapies simultaneously, and by doing so, we can preemptively reduce the need for other treatments, in particular opioids.